Dos and don’ts of repairing dentures

how to repair dentures in Windsor

The article begins with a humorous anecdote. But after you have had your laugh at this, do take the matter on how to repair dentures in Windsor quite seriously, because this is what’s crazy about this repair job. Would you believe that there are those spreading nonsense on the internet telling you that you could just as well put your broken dentures together with superglue. Can you believe that? It’s really ridiculous.

Well, it’s true. There’s no argument. Amazingly, you could very well repair your dental implants with superglue. It will work, that much is certain. But for how long? The problem with using superglue is that it is toxic. The resins in the glue could be swallowed, and that’s bad news for your stomach’s linings. So, do this rather. Do make it a happy habit rather. And so through your long association with your local dentist, you could have your dentures professionally repaired in next to no time.

No, no, the dentist won’t be doing the repairs himself. But there might be a laboratory attached to his practice. And these days, it has become standard practice to have an oral hygienist in residence as well. She is the clever lady who will be cleaning and whitening your teeth from now on. And she could do that for you too. Damaged or still in good conditions, the dentures could be cleaned and whitened as well.

So, should your dentures crack in half quite unexpectedly, you could send these in in a safely sealed container. You drop these off in the morning at reception. And later in the day you return to collect same fully repaired. But what to do for the next few hours while you wait for your dentures to be repaired?