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Going to the zoo is one of the most timeless forms of entertainment that’s still

available today. Wealthy people had zoos for years. Zoos have been public institutions since around the nineteenth century. Today, people can enjoy zoos
like they never would have thought possible. The animals in zoos today are kept in very modern environments that simulate their natural habitats very nicely. The animals will get to play games in order to amuse themselves, so they won’t experience the extreme boredom that used to define a zoo animal’s existence. People will notice the difference the moment that they see them, since engaged zoo animals are going to be much happier zoo animals.

Going to the zoo is easier than ever before today, since people will go to the zoo while armed with all sorts of knowledge of how the animals live. They will be able to learn all about the animals before they even get there, so they can spend more time actually admiring the animals once they arrive. As a zoo educator, I have gotten some entertaining questions over the years. I was once leading a question and answer session for some very young students at the zoo. One of the kids asked me if the zookeepers ever let the lions chase the zebras for fun. I actually laughed out loud, which is not good form. Today, I might have answered the question by saying that the student could just look it up on his phone, which almost all elementary school kids seem to have today.